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Listing Your Home?
A Smaller Company is a Better Choice!

In this day and age of super-sizes and big companies gobbling up small companies, the reality has been a decrease in service, a lack of attention to detail, and dissatisfied customers. At the same time, bigger costs more! Here is a look at some misleading statements made by the big real estate companies, and how they try to perpetuate the myth that bigger is better:

“ If you list with us (big company) we’ll sell your home faster since we have more agents.”
This is an interesting fabrication, since once your home is listed on the multiple listing service (MLS), ALL the agents (approximately 250 in the Ithaca Board of Realtors) have equal access to the information about your house, and all of them will have a chance to show your home to a buyer they may be working with. The big company has absolutely no advantage in their number of agents. They can’t sell your home any faster due to this misleading statement.

“If the small company can’t negotiate the highest real estate commission rate for their services, how can they negotiate the highest sale price for you when an offer comes in?”
This one is a real winner! Our company didn’t negotiate with you regarding a real estate commission; we offered to work for a more reasonable commission rate. That is part of our business plan! We offer to pass along savings to you because, as a smaller company, we don’t have the excessive overhead of the big company. We offer to help you pocket more of the proceeds from the sale of your house.

“The small company works out of their house, they don’t even have an office.” Sometimes, the big company will say almost anything to demean us and try and deceive the public. The FACT is that Noble One Realty is located in Cascadilla Commons, a beautifully renovated grand Italianette and Ithaca's newest Professional Office building.  Cascadilla Commons is three blocks from downtown Ithaca, The Commons, and just a stones-throw from Cascadilla Creek.

“The small company won’t advertise your house as much.”
Nothing could be further from the truth! Would you rather have your home listed with a company that has hundreds of listings (big company), or with a small company that focuses on a select number of homes? With our company your home will be featured in advertising, not part of a big group ad of many homes.

The big companies try to wow you with mystique and mislead you with myths. In practice however, sellers all over the Ithaca area are finding out that a small real estate company can offer exceptional real estate services at discounted commission rates, and provide you with prominent advertising and marketing exposure. Why choose to pay more and buy into the mystique and myths? When it comes to listing your home, bigger is a lesser choice. Instead, choose the dedication and reliability of Noble One Realty, a company that provides outstanding service, with a track record to prove it.



Allan Jay Zahn, Broker

This seller saved over $4,000 by listing with Noble One Realty!  
Noble One Realty is a Realtor® member of the Ithaca Board of Realtors, and member of both the National and New York State Association of Realtors.
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